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Welcome to DIY Pallets

DIY Pallets is a Windsor-Essex based pallet recycling company, specializing in saving businesses money through the purchasing and removal of recycled pallets. Whether you have used pallets at your facility that you need to dispose of, or you order pallets on a regular basis for your business (or both), DIY Pallets is guaranteed to reduce your pallet related costs.

We Are a Heat-Treat Certified Facility

Our HT pallets are the epitome of durability, safety, and environmental responsibility. Through a meticulous heat treatment process, these pallets are exposed to controlled temperatures that eliminate pests and pathogens, all without the need for harmful chemicals. By choosing our HT pallets, you're ensuring a pest-free and sanitary solution for transporting and storing your goods, while also playing a part in global biosecurity efforts.

Recycled Pallets

Why buy new…when you can buy recycled pallets?
Most companies have to either pay big money to get rid of their pallets…or put them out to the road and take on the liability that comes with it. DIY Pallets is able to eliminate these unwanted costs and risks by taking all of your unwanted pallets!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you source your pallets from? 


We source our pallets from many local businesses.

Do you offer pallet delivery and pickup? 


Yes, we have a pickup and delivery area we service.

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