Servicing all your pallet needs!

About Us

DIY Pallets Ltd. is a growing Pallet Recycling Company located just outside of Windsor, Ontario. We launched our company in 2017 with a mission statement of reducing the Canadian Global Footprint through the recycling of used pallets in Windsor and throughout Ontario.

What exactly does a pallet recycling company do? Well we are glad you asked! We collect and accept used pallets from businesses, fix them, sort them, and stack them – and then sell them to forward thinking businesses for a significantly reduced price when compared to the cost of newly constructed pallets.

For many companies and businesses, pallets are an expensive headache. Purchasing brand new pallets is a costly endeavour (not to mention taxing on our environment), and the steady stream of unwanted incoming pallets results in a hefty monthly waste disposal bill.

Here at DIY Pallets, we specialize in saving businesses of any size – and in any industry – a ton of money through our Pallet Recycling Program. We take in over 20,000 recycled pallets each month from businesses throughout South Western Ontario. This saves these companies thousands of dollars in disposal fees (and many times we are able to take them for no cost to the individual business!). Because we take in so many recycled pallets, we have a wide variety of sizes for sale to service the needs of our customers. We also use recycled lumber to build custom pallets for each business based on the specifications that they require.

We work closely with each and every company to service all of their pallet needs. Meaning, we take away all their unwanted pallets while selling them recycled pallets in the required sizes and specifications they need – resulting in substantial savings for their business.